Holy Grail :) or Holy Fail :( – LA Colors Chunky Lip Pencil in Créme Brûlée

First off, I don’t know about you guys, but finding a nude lipstick that I can just wear by itself is very hard. Especially because of my coloring and undertone. Like, yellow undertones and caramel skin- try to find a nude that isn’t too dark or won’t wash me out is tricky. 

                           ~ Cafi ~

Here comes the LA Colors Chunky Lip Pencil in Créme Brûlée. It’s a typical chubby lip pencil that goes on *incredibly amooth* and pretty pigmented considering it only cost $2. Anyways, this shit is the bomb.com. Like, it’s so amazing it is my perfect nude shade. I will just wear this and it looks so good by itself and on top of a nude/ pink liner. 

The color is a yellow-based, warm mauveyish light brown. The formula is smooth and leaves a cream finish. The longer I wear it will tone down to a matte finish. The smell isn’t very strong but it’s not pleasant. Smells like toy makeup but once in the lips it’s not noticeable at all. 

This is definitely a Holy Grail 🙂 item for me. Trust me when I say I will be buying multiples of this. 


wearing Creme Brulee with a nude lipliner
As always, have a nice night/ day/ week. ✌🏽️

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Tacos and Tips: Cleaning Brushes

Today’s tacos is a vegan/ vegetarian version of a meat eaters taco and is my own recipe. 💁🏽💁🏽

                            ~ Cafi ~


  • Corn tortillas
  • Lettuce
  • Salsa
  • Vegan/ vegetarian burger patty- 1 patty is good for 3 tacos
  • Onions- I prefer grilled onions tbh
  • Cheese
  • Cilantro
  • Cooking spray


  1. Put butter on a pan and put on low/ medium. Once the butter is melted put the veggie patty and start cooking. Flip it occasionally. 
  2. While that’s cooking chop up some lettuce and put into a bowl. 
  3. Place the cheese, cilantro, and if you don’t like grilled onions just chop those up and place in a bowl as well. 
  4. Once the veggie is halfway cooked (cooking time depends on brand, whether it was frozen, etc) chop it up with a spatula. 
  5. Now I add a bit more butter and put it my chopped onions to grill along with my chopped veggie patty. 
  6. Once it’s cooked all the way, take off heat. 
  7. Now I heat up my tortillas on a cast iron pan. 
  8. Now, everything’s ready so take your tortilla and place the ingredients on and enjoy. 

*Sorry the instructions might be unclear I don’t really know how to write a recipe. *

The tip of the day is how and when to clean your brushes. 
So I know they say that you should always clean your brushes after every single time you use them but to be quite honest I don’t have the time in the day to take an hour to clean my brushes. It’s gross but I I have learned to live with that. So, I  deep clean my brushes about once a month and regularly clean them about once a week.

Now, there is two different types of brush cleaning: deep cleaning and spot cleaning. 

  • Deep cleaning is really using brush soap and taking the time to make sure it’s 100% clean and then spritzing with 90% alcohol to sanitize it. 
  • Spot cleaning is just using soap and water to clean most of it.  

I personally use baby shampoo always because 1) it’s gently enough to not strip the synthetic or natural hairs and 2) it’s all I have to clean with. 

So what I do is use baby shampoo in a bowl and just dip my brush and coat it with the soap and then rumor under cold water and rub away all the makeup buildup. 

I just leave it to dry overnight and voila, it’s good to go. That’s my spot cleaning. 

To deep clean I do the same but it wash it a couple times to make sure there is no makeup left and it’s spotless. After it completely dries then I spray it with 90% rubbing alcohol and leave it to dry. I typically leave it to dry about 24 hours or more to make absolutely certain there is no alcohol left. 

And that’s pretty much it for this weeks tip. If you have any of our own tips or taco recipes please tell in the the comments below. 

As always, have a nice day/ night/ week. ✌🏽️

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L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints in Hot Mess, Seduce, Blushing, Pin Up review

Like most makeup addicts (c’mon who are we kidding, of course we’re addicts) I live for wallet friendly and great cosmetics. That’s where L.A. Girl cosmetics comes in. 

                            ~ Cafi ~

So I picked these up at a little cosmetics store for about ~ $3 a piece you get 12 mL (.40 fl oz) of product. L.A. Girl is such a great company that offers amazing products for such low prices. For reals, you guys should definitely check them out. 

Their website: LAGirlUSA.com

Product Claims:

Making their much anticipated debut, Glazed Lip Paints give the intensely pigmented appearance of a lipstick, with the ease and glossy finish of a lipgloss. Glazed Collection includes 18 of the most sought-after, trendsetting colors this season while providing long lasting, hyper glossy, ultra rich color to lips.

This proven iconic product offers shades that range from nudes to brights to deep berries. Cool and nourish your lips with the added benefits of vitamin E and peppermint oil. The Glazed Lip Collection is an instant must-have that accurately portrays the color trends expected to be seen on the runway. A precision tip applicator is provided to facilitate application.

  • Provides the shine of a lip gloss.
  • Gives the intensely pigmented appearance of a liquid lipstick
  • Delivers rich color with staying power.

Packaging: 8/10

The lip paints come in a standard tube with a twist off cap and an angled solid applicator tip. I both like and dislike it tbh. I like it since it makes it more hygienic if you were to use these if you are a makeup artist since you can squeeze out as much as you need. But then I don’t like it since sown times I squeeze out too much, but that might just be me. Also, they’re travel friendly so I don’t mind putting it it my bag but I would also need to bring a brush. That’s the thing with these, you need a brush to apply it or else it gets too messy. I don’t like the applicator tip at all.   


From L-R: Hot Mess, Seduce, Blushing, Pin Up
The angled tip

Formula: 7/10
I really do like the formula since it is very liquidy and glides on so easily when applied with a lip brush. It looks amazing on the lips and it can go from sheer to full coverage which I like the option to choose. Plus, it’s feels moisturizing and doesn’t feel overly sticky like a lipgloss.

However, it will transfer and smear easily. I recommend a lipliner to help prevent any possible feathering since it does feather out slightly. And just like any lipstick or lipgloss it will transfer so keep that in mind when drinking anything. 

I do love the fact that it smells like mint and that it moisturizes my lips. 

Pigmentation: 8/10

These are so amazingly pigmented that I don’t need that much product to cover my lips in the luscious colors. I enjoy the fact that the less you use its more matte and sheer, and the more you use the glossier and pigmented it is. So you have the option from sheer to full coverage. 

Longevity: 6/10

Since I go about my regular day with makeup on I still eat and drink and basically make a mess of whatever lip product I’m using. This is true for these. They will easily slip off my lips if I’m drinking or talking too much but I found that it doesn’t fade away too quickly. I do require several touch ups throughout the day to keep it looking fresh and not looming like a two year old playing with makeup for the first time. 

If I don’t eat or drink these will last a good 4 hours before my first touch up. 

Overall: 7.25/10

I really do enjoy using these and I plan on getting more shades in the future. The color selection is great and they offer 18 total shades ranging from nudes to purples to reds. They’re hella pigmented and also smell like mint which I personally love. 

As always, have a nice day/ night/ week. ✌🏽️

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My fave brushes

Brushes can make or break any look. I have many brushes- around 100 or so- and trust me when I say I have owned and used some shitty-ass-shedding-scratchy brushes. But, I also have some amazing brushes, most of them, are hella cheap too. 

                           ~ Cafi ~

I have 8 brushes that are my top faves and will always remain in my makeup arsenal. They are my go to brushes, the ones I will usually reach for. To be quite honest, they are all pretty much $5 and below for each. See, super cheap but super amazing. 

Warning: they are dirty at the moment since I do use them regularly and wash every other day or so.

Left to Right: 

  • (knockoff) Japonesque face brush
  • ELF Cosmetics Complexion brush
  • ELF Cosmetics Blush Brush
  • ELF Cosmetics Flawless Complexion brush
  • Real Techniques Contour brush- part of the face brush set
  • Lancôme small tapered brush
  • Fluffy pointed paint brush
  • Small tapered paint brush
  • Angles paint brush
  • ELF Cosmetics Concealer brush

I personally bought all the ELF brushes and the Real Techniques brush, the Lancôme and (knockoff) Japonesque brush were given to me by a friend, and the paint brushes were given to me by a fellow student at the highschool I graduated from. 

I highly recommend getting ELF brushes cause they’re prices range from $1-$6. The small concealer brush is great for carving out eyebrows with concealer, and it is even perfect for lipstick application.   And it’s only $1, can you say “great bargain.” I love using the complexion brush to apply setting powder and to remove excess powder. It is big and fluffy enough to set my foundation and feel great in the skin at the same time. 

I seriously just bought four of the flawless concealer brushes because I love it so much. I love using it to blend out my color correctora and undereye concealer. Honestly, the ELF brushes are so soft and what’s even better, they’re vegan and cruelty free. So I highly recommend looking up any ELF brushes. 

I use the Real Techniques brush to apply my cheek highlight since it is perfect for exact pigment deposits. It is so amazing and wonderful. 

I use the Lancôme brush to place my contour and it is just fluffy enough to blend out it out as well. 


Art and paint brushes work just as well with makeup as they do with paint. I love love love these two tapered brushes for spot concealing, placing eyeshadow on my undereyebags and inner corner highlight. That angled brush is perfect for filling in my eyebrows with powder. I also love it to use to set my tightline and lower lashline with black eyeshadow. You can find brushes like these at any art supply stores like Michael’s. 

What are your favorite brushes? Do you prefer one brand over another? Let me know in the comments, I love talking makeup and beauty. 💋

As always, have a nice day/ night/ week. ✌🏽️

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Holy Grail….or Holy Fail: A new series

Wooo, a new segment for the blog!!! I decided to start this since I never really see bloggers/ reviewers say if they would never recommend a product to anyone or if they would recommend it to their own friends. So, I wanted to start something like that. I hope you enjoy it. 

                         ~ Cafi ~

This will include skin care, hair products and tools, makeup, face products and everything beauty. I also want to compare product price versus product value- if something is worth it for the price it’s sold at. 

The first one will be up next week and be every Thursday. If you have an product recommendations or anything you’ll like me to check out, please leave a comment below. 

As always, have a nice day/ night/ week. ✌🏽️

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Powder Contour and Highlight tutorial

I’m not sure if you remember or not, but a few months and a whole lot of acne ago, I did a cream contour and highlight tutorial. Now, it’s time for a more updated version of my contouring plus tips for powder contouring and highlighting. 

                        ~ Cafi~

First of all, there is a noticeable difference between cream and powder contouring. Using creams is more dramatic/ “extreme” and using powders is more natural/ “normal”.

I would recommend powders for all the beginners new to the makeup game since it is more forgivable and less likely to be fucked up. Once you’re comfortable with powders and even just contouring in general, I would move on to creams. But really, when it comes to it, it’s all just personable preference. 

Makeup and Brushes You’ll Need:

I’m using the City Color Cosmetics Contour and Define palette which I have reviewed earlier.

  • Bronzer- can be matte or shimmer
  • Contour- needs to be matte, suggest using a grey based bronzer or a contour powder
  • Blush- can be matte or a little bit of shimmer
  • Highlight- shimmering so you can glow from space
  • Fluffy angled brush for bronzer
  • Smaller fluffy brush for contour
  • Blush brush
  • Fan brush or small tapered brush for highlight
  • Big fluffy powder brush for blending 

Before we start, I would like to mention that when I do my face I am already “baking” (setting my concealer with setting powder) my face so there is translucent powder on my nose, undereyebags, upper lip, chin, and right underneath where I want my contour to be. 

Step 1: Glow like an angel
Ever since I saw Samantha from Batalash Beauty highlight her face before contour I’ve started to do that. So, I’ll take my tapered face brush (or you can use a fan brush) and just really pack my highlight right on the cheekbones of my face. This way, my highlight doesn’t have any fallout into any bronzer or contour I may already have. 

What I also do is connect the cheekbone highlight to my brow highlight so I’ll make a sort of sideways u shape starting at my browbone highlight and bring it to my cheekbone highlight. Does that make any sense?

Hopefully the pic below from snapchat makes more sense. 

Step 2: Warm up the face

I always wear bronzer on my face. It warms up the face and starts to add some dimension. I also think of the bronzer as a transition shade from the contour to the highlight. You could use a shimmery or a matte bronzer, I prefer matte to shimmery tbh. 

Anyways, I use my angled face brush- or you could use any medium sized face brush you have- and I apply that at the sides of my forehead down the sides of my face, right on my jawline, across my cheeks right above my translucent powder, and under my jawline. 


Where I place my bronzer (and even my contour) will be different from you because I do it to suit my round face and you should apply yours depending on your face shape. 

Step 3: Cool contour 

This is where it gets a bit more complicated, complicated as in what shade to use. Contours are supposed to mimic shadows and shadows are grey, so using a grey based contour color makes the most sense. 

I like using a smaller denser brush for my contour since contour should be placed in certain areas or it could get real muddy lookin real fast. So, take a small brush and apply directly underrate your cheekbones. Seriously, don’t place it to high or it will look fake, and don’t place it too low or it will look like you have a sagging face. I like to apply it underneath my cheekbones, right at my jawline, the sides of my forehead and then go over it with my bronzer brush to blend. 

Step 4: Bring color to the face

To ring color back into my face I will take my blush brush and apply a little blush to the apply of my cheeks. To do this, I do a very small smile and apply the blush directly on my cheeks and blend out. I use like to use matte and usually put a shimmery blush topper over that. 

Step 5: Glow like a lightbulb

By this point, my “baking” is done and I use my face brush to wipe off all the translucent powder off my face. 

My highlight can sometimes be a little lost, so I pack it on once again and apply it on my cheekbones, right above my eyebrows, on my upper lip, and just a little bit on the tip of my nose. I want my cheekbones and highlight to be able to be seen from space so I #packitlikeabowl. 

At this point I also take my big fluffy face brush and just go over my face to brush off any excess powder or blend away anything. If you feel like your blush or bronzer or contour is too strong you can always take your foundation brush and just buff it out to make it look softer. 

Step 7: Take selfies 

Now it’s time to apply lipstick and take all the selfies you want cause you’re a bad ass muthafucka. 

I want everyone to slay their contour and I hope I helped you out. 

As always, have a good day/ night/ week. ✌🏽️

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Persimmon review

First off, let me apologize for not posting anything in….omfg…..2 months! It’s been a hella crazy two months. I figure, it’s December 1st so I might as well start anew with posts. I’ll talk more about my absence and changes in my life on Friday, though. Be prepared for an entire week of posts, dolls. 

    – Cafi

I don’t know about you guys, but all my makeup is *mostly* $10 or less, with the exception of two MAC lipsticks my sister bought for me.

So, when I splurged and spent $20 on an Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick I was so happy….my wallet…not so much. Anyways, I picked up Persimmon because I fucken love oranges. 

So, each tube has a net weight of .11 oz (3.2 g) and costs $20 each. The brand offers a wide variety of colors from black to blue to reds to nudes. 

Their website: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Predict Claims/ Description:

This ultra-saturated liquid formula delivers an intense shot of matte pigment in one easy swipe. A single application gives you smear-resistant coverage that stays put for hours.

Packaging:  10/10

The tube itself is very sleek and simple. It has a clear bottle with a silver cap that has a doe foot applicator attached. I really like the applicator because it has an edge perfect for getting those shape line. I love it since you can just look at it and know the color within. Perfect for traveling and I don’t feel like it would open in a bag, and I have dropped it a few times and it’s pretty sturdy. 


Formula:  6/10

First off, this lip sucking fucking SMELLS. And it smells bad. Once I opened it for the first time I could smell the chemicals. But on the plus side, once on the lips there is no noticeable scent. 

Surprisingly, it’s very creamy and goes on very smoothly. It feels great on the lips however, it does take time to dry completely matte. And boy, it is straight matte, which I love. However, it claims to be smear resistant and I found that to be untrue. The best thing to do would be to apply some transilcent powder to really set and make it smear resonant and transfer proof. 

Pigmentation:  10/10

Seriously, this is so amazingly pigmented you really need only one swipe for complete coverage. I do recommend wiping the applicator on the side of the opening to remove excess product.  

Persimmon is such a gorgeous orange with red undertones. It looks amazing as a pop of color on any and all skin tones, plus it’s perfect for summer. I don’t really believe in the “only certain shades for certain seasons”, no doubt I will be rocking bright orange in the winter and black in the summer but it’s a great color if you’re into that. 

Longevity:  8/10

My only problem is that it will fade a bit in the center of my lips and won’t last through oily foods, but other than that it lasts quite some time. I know if I apply it in the morning it’ll still be shining 8-10 hours later. I’ll touch up maybe once or twice within that time period too. 

My favorite thing is how easy it is to remove, all I do is put some Chapstick on and wipe with a tissue. Seriously, it’s awesome how easy they are to remove. I’m not really a fan of sore lips from having to harshly remove certain brands off my lips. 

Overall:  8.5/10

I love the formula, it’s creamy and 100% matte, and lasts freaking forever. My only and biggest problem is the stench. It’s smells horrible! But it’s such a gorgeous color and just plain amazing I have learn to deal with it. Plus it costed more than any other makeup product I own. I would te comes Anastasia Beveley Hills liquid lipsticks because they have an amazing range of colors. 


I used Persimmon for an orange themed lip art
As always, have a nice day/ night/ week. ✌🏽️

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Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial

Firstly, I want to apologize for not uploading this earlier. I was really busy on Wednesday and on Thursday, but I will get into that on Saturday. So here is the makeup test I did which I thought would make a great tutorial! Hope you all enjoy!

*I didn’t do this step first, but I would definitely recommend doing your eyebrows right after applying foundation and everything*

I realize that not everyone looking at this post knows what the BH Eyeshadow Palette looks like, so here are two reference pictures in case you’re curious as to what colors I used. The images and product are available here.

Here’s the Top Palette:

TopHere’s the Bottom Palette:


First, I started off by having a face full of foundation and applying a cream eyeshadow primer because I will be using all powdered eyeshadows.

Next, I took a Maybelline’s Pure Pigment Loose Powder Shadow in Wild Gold and applied that to the inner corners of my eyes, stopping about halfway through my eyelid.


Next, I used a light shade of purple from my 2nd Edition- 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics (I believe it was on the bottom palette, 7th row on the right, and 4th column down), and I applied it on the outer part of my eyelid. After that, I took a light brown shade (Bottom palette, 10th row on the right, 4th column down) and applied that on top of my crease, then applied a darker shade of brown (Top palette, 10th row on the right, 4th column down) and blended that right under the light brown shade, and a bit into the gold and purple colors.


I blended the light purple and gold eyeshadows soon after.


I wasn’t too pleased that the dark shade of purple was almost undistinguishable from the light shade of purple, so I took a dark pink shade (Bottom palette, 8th row on the right, 4th column down) and blended that into the light purple shade. Following that, I applied a darker shade of purple (Bottom palette 7th row on the right, 6th column down)and blended that into the lighter shade of purple, and on my eyelid crease as well. Don’t worry too much about the fallout yet.


Next, I took a tissue with a bit of lotion and removed the fallout underneath my eye. I also added a silver eyeshadow (Bottom palette, 1st row on the right, 3rd column down) on the inner ducts of my eyes as a highlight. I took the brush that I used to apply the Wild Gold color and used it on the inner bottom corners of my eyes. Then, I took the brush I used to mix the pink and purple shades, and blended that into the outer bottom portion of my eye.


Next, I added more pink to the bottom portion of my eye and blended a bit of the dark purple on the outer bottom part of my eye.IMG_0119

Here, I added a shimmery orange eyeshadow (Top palette, 10th row on the right, 1st column down) to highlight my eyebrow.


After that, I added a winged eyeliner on both of my eyes to give more attention to the eye. You can make it as thin and long as you like here. It’s up to one’s preference. I used the e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Black.


I then took a black eyeshadow (Top palette, 8th row on the right, 6th column down) and added blended that into my crease and on the outer portion of my eye where I had put some of the dark purple eyeshadow. IMG_0123

After, I redid the eyeliner to contrast it from the black eyeshadow. I forgot to apply mascara, but I would do it around here too. I also used the e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Medium to do my eyebrows, though the color was a bit too dark for my preference.


After I was done with my eyes and eyebrows, I attempted to contour my face using eyeshadow because I have yet to purchase a cream contouring palette. I took a dark brown color (Top palette, 10th row on the right, 5th column down) also took the MAC Lipstick in Diva that I found and applied that. I finished the look by applying NYX Powder Blush in Red on the apples of my cheeks and blending that into the contour. Proceeding that, I used a fan brush to fan some of the e.l.f. Golden Bronzer in the shade that’s at the bottom right, wherever I wanted to highlight. Here’s the finished eye look (I retouched some of the dark purple and transitional colors)


And here’s the final makeup look:

IMG_0131 IMG_0148

That’s it for the “tutorial”! Stay tuned for Sleepover Saturday! If there are any questions/concerns/requests, please leave them in the comments below! Hope you all have a wonderful evening or a magnificent day! See you all tomorrow! (Also, don’t forget to use mascara like I did!)

~G. Litter

E.l.f. Cosmetics Mini Makeup Haul

Good afternoon, everyone!

I went into the bookstore of my college yesterday and I noticed there was a little e.l.f. makeup stand, and I obviously had to buy something! I ended up purchasing the e.l.f. Golden Bronzer, e.l.f. Blending Eye Brush, e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit, e.l.f. Translucent Mattifying Powder, and e.l.f. Concealer in Beige. Moreover, on Sunday, while my mom was purchasing my little brother some jeans at Old Navy, she picked up an e.l.f mascara (I cannot remember which one) and she bought me  the e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Black. Also, last week, on Tuesday, I volunteered  to give a presentation on my sexual and romantic orientation at school, since I was going to later attend the Psi Chi – the National Honor Society in Psychology – luncheon to get more information on opportunities available in the field. When I was on my way to the class where I would present, I was informed that the class was full and there was not enough room, which was very unfortunate because I was at least 3 minutes away from reaching the class, and I was on campus when I did not any classes(I only have school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). Fortunately, when I was walking by the library on campus, I saw a MAC lipstick on the floor, so naturally, since no one was around, I snatched it and carried on with my day. So although it was a mildly disappointing day, I managed to get a $16 lipstick for free. The color of the lipstick is Diva, and once I got home I disinfected it, so it is safe to use now, and it smells like chocolate!

Here’s all of the things I purchased at school:


I did a few swatches of the products right after I purchased them, and I was surprisingly pleased with the results. Later on, I tested most of the products (I did not get a chance to test out the Translucent Powder). I tried to recreate the makeup I had on when I went to Prom, though it turned out to look a lot different. I will be posting a little tutorial on Wednesday for those of you interested. Also, I will be reviewing these products one by one to give a detailed overview of their quality, so look out for that too.

Hope all of you have a great day/night! See you all next time!

~G. Litter

October 31st is here!

Hello, everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves this evening or this morning!

So, October 31st, 2015 is here! I understand that some individuals do not celebrate Halloween, which is why I’m refraining from calling it that.

Personally, Cafi and I both celebrate Halloween and it’s such a fun and glorious time of the year. It’s a time where new makeup styles flourish, different products are used, unique methods are followed, and who can forget about the costumes?!

With all this in mind, I wanted to take the opportunity to have all of you who partake in Halloween (or those who are in a sharing mood) to share with us some Halloween looks, costumes, makeup, DIY projects, anything!

I wanted to do something fun for today for when I go to school, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a costume or anything at all really! I ended up going to my little brother’s costume parade at his school, and I was inspired to do some sort of makeup look. I ended up going for something simple that would also exemplify creativity, so I ended up following one of my tutorials on here and doing a snake humanoid look. Here’s the picture:


I took it right after I came home from school, so I was a bit oily and sweaty, and was too lazy to fix it, so my apologies.

As always, we hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween, though if you don’t celebrate it, hope you have a safe and wonderful day! Don’t forget to leave your images/links/videos in the comments! We’d love to see your creativity and ability!

~G. Litter